Naomi has over 25 years in the environmental and social sector I have been involved in the development, set up and on going management of a wide variety of programmes and initiatives.

Starting out in event recycling and waste audit work I have practical hands on experience of managing waste operations at one of the biggest festivals in the world (Glastonbury) as well as detailed reports and analysis of waste composition for local authority clients. I used this experience to work in waste policy (starting with Waste Strategy 2000) and support other social and environmental entrepreneurs. Working up to Ministerial level I was always mindful of ensuring ambition remained as practical solutions were discussed and implemented.

Having established a number of business support programmes I wanted to focus on quality and ensure I too had the best training as well as experiential understanding of business start up and development., culminating in graduating from my Exec MBA at Cranfield University in 2007. This then led me to be the first Executive Director at Scottish Charity, Firstport, where I was proud to launch the Social Entrepreneurs Fund and in so doing this has led to the support of a strong culture of social entrepreneurship here in Scotland. 


In 2012 I embarked on what would be the most courageous and bold step I have ever undertaken. I left the UK to cycle 32,000 km across the world with a man I’d met just three times. With Thorong-la mountain pass and Cairo to Capetown as just two of the routes accomplished the journey ended in 2014 and I then became a full time carer for my mother before returning to Scotland in 2016.

Since 2016 I have worked as a freelancer in the social and environmental sector with some of my most significant projects including the launch of Buy Social Scotland (both consumer and corporate, B2B initiatives), research work that played a role in launching the Net Zero Transition Fund and in adapting and reacting quickly as Covid hit to develop both online support sessions and weekly webinar services for Social Investment Scotland and Social Enterprise Scotland respectively. Further examples of work undertaken can be found on my linked in page.

I have also been an active board volunteer and currently Chair Circular Communities Scotland, was an active board member and Chair of Audit at Dumfries and Galloway College from 2017 to 2021 and am a trustee of my local development trust too.

I continue to work on training, events, policy, research and communications initiatives and am also leading two significant new enterprise plans of my own, both of which will have significant social and environmental outcomes.

I am still very much focused on the delivery of ambitious social and environmental outcomes. Can I help you with your plans? I’d love to hear from you.